Art Every Day – The Red Tree

Red Tree, originally uploaded by Ritaflo.

Last week I took a walk around town trying to get some photos of the leaves before they all hit the ground and are blown away. I found this little red tree – usually I like to have a house in the picture but i really liked the way the sidewalk trails off.



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6 responses to “Art Every Day – The Red Tree

  1. cool pic. i love red trees too.

    when i was in high school, i was an exchange student with another student in Madrid. she stayed with our family for a month in the fall and then i stayed with her family for a month in the spring. when she was here, we were driving in the car one day and she yelled out, “stop the car!” my mom thought she was sick, but she’d just seen a beautiful red tree and wanted to grab some leaves to bring home. 🙂

    • ritaflores

      Thanks! After some of the comments i’ve received on the fall pictures i realized that since i’ve lived in this area all my life i kind of take the foliage for granted sometimes.

  2. a beautiful picture indeed

  3. The vitality in the tree is so stunning!

    Thank you for taking it from the exact perspective you did… gorgeous.

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