Tutorial: Creating a Digital Collage using the Sketchbook Mobile App

One of my favorite aspects of using the iPhone Apps to create art is using several apps together to get a totally unique artwork.   I created this piece by using Sketchbook Mobile, Photogene, NPTR and Vihgo.  I layered all the elements together using the layers function of Sketchbook Mobile.

initial drawing using Sketchbook Mobile

Initial Sketch using Sketchbook Mobile

Image of Woman layered over initial sketch

Painting of Woman using Photogene and Sketchbook Mobile layered over abstract drawing

Texture using NPTR and Vihgo apps

Texture using NPTR and made to look like canvas using Vihgo

Layered with Text and Texture

All of the elements “layered” together with text from an old paperback book

I try to save all the “stages” of the artwork so that I can look back and remember which apps I’ve used.  There have been times when I’ve used several different apps at one time only to wonder “how did i do that?”



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4 responses to “Tutorial: Creating a Digital Collage using the Sketchbook Mobile App

  1. This is really cool and informative Ri, good job!!

  2. This is a great image and really helpful to know how you created it too. I have to investigate those apps. I have only used Sketchbook mobile and Brushes so far.

  3. ritaflores

    Thanks Alena & Jane! I find that when I mix several apps together it gives the images more depth than when i just use Brushes or Sketchbook mobile alone.

  4. juancho buchanan

    nptr is now available again.

    Please send me recommendations to NPTRAuthor@gmail.com

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