Inspiration for iPhone Art – Part 2

I’ve been digging out some of my older paintings and trying to look at them with “fresh eyes” and to find inspiration for new artwork using my iPhone apps.  I came across this painting that i painted in the 90’s that i’ve never been completely happy with.


She sold her soul for a pair of shoes”,  1995, 16×20

Acrylic and Graphite on a Gesso Board

I’ve been using images that i created from around that same time to create iPhone collages using Brushes, Photogene, Sketchbook Mobile and Layers:


“My favorite red dress” 2009, Photogene, Brushes


“Catch me” 2009, Photogene, Brushes and Layers


“Falling” 2009, Photogene, Sketchbook Mobile and nptr

This new medium has been so inspiring for me because its like having an unlimited supply of colors or surfaces to work on.   With each new app that comes out there are endless possibilities of the images that you can create.  As a painter, though, i miss the tactile quality of the paint.  Its kind of similar to my feeling about digital music – I love that i can have thousands of songs on my iPod but miss holding the album cover in my hands and reading the liner notes.  My next step will be to create paintings based on the iPhone art, bringing the process full circle.

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  1. hi Rita
    your blog is now listed at TAD
    Please consider sending me an image and bio when you have time ..
    a link back would be appreciated too
    thank you
    cheers Kim aka laketrees

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