Always, Blue Boy

IMG_0639iPhone Art created using Brushes and Layers

I’ve been using the iPhone app Layers and thinking about how it is a metaphor for the layers of our lives and art.   Certain images, like the Blue Boy, follow us through life and we see the image differently as we get older.  When i was a young girl my cousin had a reproduction of the Blue Boy in her room. Now when i see a reproduction of that painting it brings back fond memories of my childhood.  The image of Blue Boy in this picture is a ceramic statue which was taken through the window of a local “antique” shop.  How many images will follow us through our lives and still have meaning?


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  1. Nice post.

    Being a filmmaker, it’s not too surprising that photographs would be the static images that first punched me in the face. I remember having a Time-Life book, “The Camera” and in it was that photo by Diane Arbus of that kid with his twisted face and body all tense holding a toy hand grenade. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. I’m taking that photo with me to the grave.

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